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About Fish, Seafood & Meal

We at Comeau’s Sea Foods deliver value to our customers with each purchase. The company’s innovative approach to product development and focus on market demand ensures that all aspects of the product line – from choice of flavours to portion sizes – meet customer preferences for taste, presentation, preparation time and price.

Comeau’s Sea Foods’ locally harvested or purchased fresh, frozen and smoked products include:

• Offshore scallops from the North Atlantic (fresh, block frozen or individually quick frozen (IQF)

• Fish steaks

• Herring fillets (fresh, frozen and marinated)

• Herring roe for the Japanese market (frozen and prepared)

• Groundfish (haddock, cod, pollock – smoked and frozen)

• Smoked salmon

• Golden smoked herring (mackerel, herring and kipper)

• Salt fish (cod)

Our foodservice and retail customers are also encouraged to try our line of value-added seafood products, including breaded fish and scallops, chowders, spreads and ready-to-eat items.

Comeau’s Sea Foods serves industrial customers with a complete product line. These items include: herring bait, herring meal and oil.

Please contact us at to learn more about Comeau’s Sea Foods quality products.

November 12, 2019


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