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Comeau-brand products are well-recognized in both domestic and export markets including Asia, Europe and the United States. Comeau’s Sea Foods owns and operates three herring seiners equipped with modern cooling equipment to fast chill our catch. We also procure herring from other domestic harvesters who catch herring on our behalf and adhere to our strict company quality levels. We prepare a variety of herring products including herring roe, barrel-marinated products, frozen fillets, salt herring, frozen fillets for smoking, and fresh herring fillets for domestic and international markets.

Each catch is brought to shore in refrigerated sea water and undergoes same-day processing in one of our modern facilities.

Comeau’s Sea Foods produce frozen herring butterfly fillets and the finest calibre of herring roe popular around the world – our specialty fillets are exported widely in Europe, particularly in Germany, while our superior herring roe is enjoyed in Japan.

Our marinated herring products continue to grow in popularity. In our own processing facility, we intensify natural herring essence with flavours designed for the domestic and international markets including house blend and white wine. Other herring products available are bismark rollmops, bismark fillets, salted dressed, lunch cuts and cocktail rollmops. Salted whole, hard and soft cured herring are also processed.

Our products may be produced to custom requirements and graded to a variety of specifications. We also offer co-packing arrangements for private label partners throughout North America.

November 12, 2019


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