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Shelfish & Seafood

It is about providing our customers with exceptional quality in a variety of choices.

In an effort to supply a wider variety of seafood products, Comeau’s Sea Foods purchases certain products from other processors worldwide. These products are produced to our specifications and conform to CSF Quality Standards as well as the Canadian Food Inspection Agency Standards.

  • Frozen lobster

    • claw and knuckle meat

  • Frozen steak and loins

    • halibut
    • tuna yellow fin and albacore
    • haddock
  • Frozen clams

    • frozen soft shell clam meat

  • Frozen Alaskan Pollock fillets

  • Frozen shrimp (coldwater and Mexican)

  • These products are outsourced in a variety of foodservice-friendly packs and are available year round.

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    November 12, 2019


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