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 Comeau’s Sea Foods scallops are harvested off the coast of Nova Scotia in cold North Atlantic waters. 

We adhere to strict quality specifications for each harvest and processing operation. Comeau’s Sea Foods owns and operates four offshore scallop draggers. Catches are shucked at sea, bagged and stored on ice until they are transferred to our quality-certified facilities onshore. Scallops are then washed, manually graded and packed fresh or frozen to ensure freshness. 

Our vessels are all equipped with modern cooling equipment to fast chill our catch before icing – preserving ocean freshness and great taste, right to your table. 

Perfect for any dish, our appetizing scallops are available fresh, frozen and in value-added products. Mouth-watering preparation ideas are listed in our Recipe section. Scallops are available both as individually quick frozen (IQF) or block frozen, and are graded under 10, 10/20, 20/30 and 30/40 count per pound. In keeping with our commitment to sustainability, scallops harvested by Comeau’s Sea Foods are certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).





November 12, 2019


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