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Value Added Seafood

Comeau’s Sea Foods has produced unsurpassed value-added and ready-to-eat food products since 1989. Moreover, our approach to product development focuses on market demands. These considerations ensure that all aspects of the product line – from choice of flavours to portion sizes – meet customer preferences for taste, freshness, presentation, preparation time and price. 

Offering a variety of flavours and coatings, Comeau’s Sea Foods is a leading supplier of exceptional seafood products, designed primarily for the domestic retail and foodservice markets. 

A variety of outstanding products are processed internally and co-packed for Comeau and Evangeline brands, including: 

  • Breaded scallops 

  • Breaded haddock 

  • Fish and seafood chowders 

  • Breaded scallop burgers 

  • Fish cakes/salmon/crab/seafood (reduced sodium) 

  • Spreads (shrimp, lobster and salmon) 

  • Bacon wrapped scallops/ salmon wrapped scallops 

  • Scallop and shrimp brochettes 

  • Crab cakes, salmon cakes, fish cakes (regular and reduced sodium) and seafood cakes.

As part of the federal Quality Management Program, we maintain a superior sequence of quality mechanisms and controls. 

November 12, 2019


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