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About Comeau Marine Railway

Since its incorporation in September of 1981, Comeau Marine Railway has operated a year-round dry dock facility in Meteghan, Nova Scotia, allowing local fishing operations to run seamlessly from season to season. They are responsible for all the repair and maintenance for a diverse fleet of independent fishing vessels – both small and large.

We are committed to servicing you! The expertise we gained servicing our internal fleet is positive proof that you can trust in our ability to meet your repair and maintenance needs so that your vessels keep working for you.

Comeau’s ship repair and maintenance services leverage a multidisciplinary team offering traditional craftsmanship with modern techniques and technology. We are proud to make our efficient and flexible building and repair capacity available to all fishing and pleasure crafts up to 600 tonnes, and those of steel, fibreglass, aluminum or wood fabrication.


  • 150 ft., 600 ton slip

  • 26 ton boom truck

  • Full line stockroom

  • Conveniently located at the head of Meteghan Harbour, Nova Scotia.

The company works in conjunction with Comeau’s own Stockroom, and offers a wide range of boat supplies, custom-built and off-the-shelf parts and equipment, including superior grade heavy equipment, cranes, boom trucks and man-lifts. A man lift is now available to replace scaffolding and staging.

As a community service, Comeau Marine Railway is pleased to rent equipment to local clients or those farther afield.

November 12, 2019


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