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About Comeau’s Seafoods Stockroom

We have learned through the operation of all seven of our Comeau’s Sea Foods production facilities that they each must operate at superior standards in order to produce superior grade products.

Our Stockroom is committed to servicing the needs of our industrial marine clients worldwide. You can trust in knowing that the products we offer to you are the same ones we rely on to ensure our own commercial success.

Our commitment to excellence extends to our own supply store that is fully stocked with a wide range of products guaranteed to perform under pressure – electrical and welding products, safety items, cleaning supplies, paint and other maintenance items for all our processing operations.

Our Stockroom is now selling fresh and frozen seafood products from Comeau’s Sea Foods as well as J. Willy Krauch & Sons.

Products available for purchase include:

Gourmet Breaded Scallops

Bacon Wrapped Scallops

Black Tiger Shrimp

Halibut Fillets

Haddock Fillets

Fish Cakes

J.Willy Krauch Cold Smoked Atlantic Salmon

J. Willy Krauch Smoked Mackerel

Comeau’s Sea Foods Spreads (Seafood & Salmon, Artichoke & Spinach Crab Dip, Seafood Lobster Spread, Seafood Shrimp Spread)

November 12, 2019